Badael Plastic Products Factory

Flexible Plastic Pipe Gray. جرجور رمادی

Flexible Plastic Pipe Gray. جرجور رمادی

Brand: Badael Plastics Products Facotry

Made in Saudi Arabia


23mm x 112.5meter (Price = SAR 50)

16mm x 150 meter (Price = SAR 50)


Made up of Plastic






Flexible split conduits, designed to protect electrical wire runs through machinery or buildings. Split Flexible Plastic Conduit is a good choice for users who are looking to wrap and protect cables.

Features and benefits

Can be easily installed over pre-installed wiring. The composite material from which the conduit is made is polyethylene. The properties of this material make it the ideal choice for your wires. It has a very high melting point (-30°C to +110°C). It is resistant to gasoline, water or other chemicals . This material is resistant to cracking and provides great durability in daily use. Split conduit is used to provide full protection to all types of wire like in Machinery and houses etc. The special ribbed designed shape allows it to be bent and easily to be installed.

Typical Uses

  • Great protection for wires.
  • Optical fiber enclosure.
  • Fast protection on loose cables.
  • Split duct is typically used to install around existing duct, either to provide additional protection and/or additional support.
  • Routing wires in control panels.
  • Passing wires through cabinets, cars and machine